Turkish Copywriter

Turkish Copywriter

Posted: Aug 16, 2017 01:17 Expiration: Oct 01, 2017 01:00
We are a multilingual translation, content production and content marketing agency based in Barcelona, Spain.

For the purposes of providing a flights aggregator with written content for their website, we are currently looking for:

- Full-time freelance Turkish-language copywriter
- Legally registered and able to issue an invoice
- Native Turkish speaker
- Reachable at all times via Skype or telephone (please provide contact details)
- Team-oriented
- Available and willing to complete a short copywriting test to verify skills, proficiency and suitability for the project
- Demonstrable experience

You will be accompanied by a Project Manager, who will monitor progress and assist throughout the course of the project. For this, communication is key. The client is based in Turkey and speaks Turkish, so they will be able to give immediate feedback on the content produced. We do not have a regular copywriter in this language currently, and while this first commission consists solely of one SEO page (600 words approx.), the possibility of working with us on further projects in the future is highly likely.

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