Amazon Freelance Post-editors/Translators-DE-NL/TR/PL/CZ,EN-JP,EN/DE/JP-CN,EN-AR

Amazon Freelance Post-editors/Translators-DE-NL/TR/PL/CZ,EN-JP,EN/DE/JP-CN,EN-AR

Posted: Nov 28, 2016 05:13 Expiration: Dec 31, 2017 02:00
The role
As a native freelancer for the target language, you will be responsible for post-editing, translating and proofreading product descriptions to make them available to Amazon customers. Using CAT tools, you will ensure that human and machine-generated translations meet Amazon's specific style guides and internal standards for product detail pages.

Amazon is currently looking for talented and highly motivated linguists to work as post-editors/translators in any language pairs. The most wanted language combinations at this time are the following: German to Dutch (native), German to Turkish (native), German to Polish (native), German to Czech (native), English to Japanese (native), English to Chinese Simplified Mandarin (native), German to Chinese Simplified Mandarin (native), Japanese to Chinese Simplified Mandarin (native), English to Arabic Standard Modern (native), German to Italian (native), Spanish to French (native), French to Spanish (native) and Italian to Spanish (native).

Please note that if your language combination is not listed within the ones mentioned above, do not hesitate to apply anyway specifying which language you can post-edit/translate, we will keep your application in our database and contact you in case your languages will be needed.

We require a capacity between 2,500 and 12,000 words per week.

The project cost we pay is calculated on a project-by-project basis with our projects usually being translated / post-edited at an output rate of 800-900 words per hour.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to follow the link and fill the form with all the necessary information: Amazon Freelancing

Please note that following your application, you will be required to successfully complete a test of about 500 words.

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