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Cesar Nascimento

  • 188 ワード 翻訳済


英語  —
  • 英語 (米国)
  • 英語 (英国)
  • 英語 (オーストラリア)
  • 英語 (カナダ)
  • ポルトガル語 (ブラジル) 母国語
  • 翻訳
    13.471 ワード
  • 編集
    11.022 ワード
  • 校正
    11.022 ワード

芸術および文化 教育 フィクション ゲーム産業 一般口座 マーケティング、広告、PR 製品とカタログ


英語  —
  • 英語 (米国)
  • 英語 (英国)
  • 英語 (オーストラリア)
  • 英語 (カナダ)
  • ポルトガル語 (ブラジル) 母国語
  • コピーライティング
    元の言語 3673.912 時間
  • トランスクリプション
    元の言語 244.927


ブラジル, Rio de Janeiro, 09:32
ポルトガル語 (ブラジル)
7 年 10 月
I provide language services since 2012. I teach English to children, teenagers and adults of every level, in group or individual classes, at my place or at the student's place of choice (home, company, public spaces etc), I also offer classes of English for business and special aid to students with learning difficulties. In 2014, Wizard, the school where I used to teach, paid for my TOEIC proficiency exam and I achieved the highest score (990).



Petrobras Distribuidora の Communications analyst
2019 から 現在
Strategical planning of digital communication; editorial project and management; maintenance and updating of the Petrobras' website, Business Channel and campaign hotsites; online presence management; continuous monitoring of the company's image and brands, market trends and digital actions of the competition; content production for social media.
Private tutor の English teacher
2011 から 現在
English teaching to children, teenagers and adults of every level; group and individual classes; classes of English for business; teaching at home or at the student's place of choice (home, company, public spaces etc); special aid to students with learning difficulties; teaching excellence.
PSafe の Copywriter
2018 から 2019
Copywriting, translation, version and proofreading for all of the company's channels; SEO, ASO, UX and UI for texts of the company's apps suite, descriptions, product screens, dialog boxes and notifications; author of articles on technology, privacy, online safety, mobile performance and institutional news; screenwriting for Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, social media, media kit and press kit; proofreading of quarterly cybersecurity reports.
Agência Titânio の Copywriter
2018 から 2018
Research, planning and creation of advertising campaigns and standalone marketing communication for the agency's clients; bilingual content; exclusive content, specific for each network's target public.
Total Entertainment の Translator and interpreter
2015 から 2016
Translator and interpreter (EN-PT and ES-PT) for RioMarket/Festival do Rio (Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival); interviewing of guests (cast and crew of the festival's movies); aiding in the subtitling and screenwriting of institutional videos; text optimisation for subtitles.
Wizard の English teacher
2012 から 2016
English teaching to children, teenagers and adults of every level; standard, multilevel, special and VIP classes; instruction to new teachers; aid to students with learning difficulties; preparation of Air Force officials going on missions abroad; teaching excellence.
KDM Clube の Media representative
2011 から 2012
Copywriting; social media marketing; analysis and monitoring for maximum results focused in the expansion of the gym; problem solving; creative solutions.
Fondo Filmes の Content creator
2011 から 2012
Content creation for the comedy website "Anões em Chamas"; screenwriting; multimedia design; humorous and creative solutions; social media marketing.


Sample translation I (Social Sciences, Anthropology)

  • 2019

今すぐサインアップして 表示する

文書Sample translation I (Social Sciences, Anthropology)

TOEIC score

  • 2014

今すぐサインアップして 表示する

文書TOEIC score

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