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Ekaterina Centers

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
ロシア語 母国語
  • 翻訳
    1.873 ワード
  • 編集
    1.873 ワード
  • 校正
    1.873 ワード

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ウクライナ, 23:58
21 年 3 月
Although I’m a native Russian speaker my education, work experience in international schools teaching English at all levels to native speakers has provided me an excellent opportunity to fine tune my English skills.  My twenty years of living in the United States with my American husband and being totally immersed  in an English speaking culture has formed my excellent command of the English language. Being a teacher and a librarian developed my ...


Slavyansky State Pedagogical University

  • 2000
  • ウクライナ
  • 修士号
  • Teacher of English as a second language and World literature


Shanghai Singapore International school の Teacher librarian
2012 から 2016
Taught literacy and information literacy skills for students of all grades, nurturing students learning within and beyond the curriculum . Conducted book talks for students, recommend resources on the base of individual interview. Collaborated with teachers to provide material in correlation with curriculum. Organized activities to increase the flow of the library and heighten children’s interest in reading and lifelong learning.
Access International Academy Ningbo の Teacher librarian
2010 から 2012
Maintain a collection that is diverse in content to support differentinterests and cultural backgrounds. Brought in and implemented launch of Follett/Destiny system for the library
Colegio Americano de Torreon, Torreon の Teacher
2008 から 2010
Taught 8th grade English. Have had to rewrite 8th grade English curriculum to assist School Improvement Plan for SACS accreditation. Managed and choreographed a special presentation of the entire 8th grade for the school’s art festival.


Educator License

  • 2006

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文書Educator License

Educational Credential Evaluation

  • 2006

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文書Educational Credential Evaluation