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Hugo Stey

273 ワード

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英語  —
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会計 農業 年次報告 建築 芸術および文化 自動車業界 航空宇宙産業


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英語  —
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フランス, Jouy-en-josas, 15:57
12 年 6 月
I have an experience of more than 11 years in the translation industry which allows me to deal with almost any domain. However, I specialize into corporate & market finance, legal documents (contracts, copyrights, GDPR...), editorial & marketing content and sales & business. I am tech savvy and I am used to work directly within programming files (HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, C++, Python...) and with various DTP formats (Indesign, Illustrator, Photos...


Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

  • 2006
  • フランス
  • 学士
  • Foreign Applied Languages (English-Japanese)


  • 2010
  • フランス
  • 学士
  • Foreign Language, Letters and Civilisation (Chinese)


  • フランス
  • 修士号
  • Translation, Redaction and multilingual Mediation


CG Traduction & Interprétation の Translation Director
2018 から 2020
Head of the translation department; team management; sales management (loyalty engagement of the customers, big accounts, call for bids…); sourcing and recruitment of in-house and freelance resources; process modernisation; new technologies set-up (Memsource, NMT…); quality control…
SDL France の Translation Project Manager
2017 から 2018
Directly dispatched to PSA and working under its supervision as a consultant; interface between the client (PSA) and the provider (SDL); management of translation projects in 31 languages; quality assurance with the international subsidiaries and setting-up operational processes; terminology tracking; creation and follow-up of KPIs…
Donnelley Language Solutions の Translation Project Manager
2016 から 2017
Management of translation projects in financial regulated documentation (Reference documents, financial reports, Shareholders meeting notice and reports, KIIDs, KFS, Press releases and investors relation, etc.)…
BVA Mystery Shopping の Head of the proofreading and translation department
2014 から 2016
Direction of the department; member of the extended executive committee; implementation of new processes to ensure quality; management of high volume projects in more than 20 languages; recruitment, training and management of the inhouse team and more than 200 external providers; strategic reporting and planning...
Labrador translations の Senior Translation Project Manager
2014 から 2014
Translation project management of very high volumes financial regulated documents for major companies listed on first markets; proofreading and quality control; Clients and providers contact…
Agolla の Co-founder and CEO
2010 から 2012
Creation and management of the limited company (SARL); multilingual translation project management; translation, localization and quality control; clients and providers contact; market research; administrative follow-up and company development…
Translatys の Translation Project Coordinator
2008 から 2009


Sample translation - Sports (caving)

  • 2020

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文書Sample translation - Sports (caving)