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Larysa Haliieva

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ウクライナ, 17:45
33 年 5 月
Dear Friends – all my Potential Customers!
Happy to meet You! Non loqui sed facere.
Always sharing your passion for excellence and satisfaction with work PERFECT DONE,
Larysa Haliieva, 56, professional English, German > Russian, Ukrainian translator;
University degree (Foreign languages Department);
31+ years of experience in professional translations - Qualis servicia semper;
Vast continuous experience in certified translations and in managing o...


Харьковский государственный университет им. В. Н. Каразина

  • 1991
  • ウクライナ
  • 修士号
  • немецкий язык и литература


Kharkiv Comprehensive School 8 の English Teacher
2003 から 2013
English Teacher
L&G Ltd, Cyprus, Larnaka Travel/ Real Estate/ Employment/ Legal Consulting/ Translation Agency の Director, Co-Founder
1997 から 2002
Managing own Local (Offshore) Co. Cooperation with local Authorities and Agencies.
Kharkiv Diocesan Administration of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Law Department の Certified Translator, Translator/Interpreter
1995 から 1998
Kharkiv Diocesan Administration of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Law Department Certified Translator, Translator/Interpreter) Providing certified translation services. Managing Translation Agency Representing on behalf of Mitropolit Nicodim interests of DA in and outside of Ukraine. SPECIAL PRIDE: I actively contributed to successful implementation of the Project ON THE RETURN OF ALL CHURCH PROPERTIES, that was implemented by my personal productive cooperation with Ukrainian a
LIBERTY Ukrainian-Gibraltar-Lithuanian Joint Venture, Kharkiv の Translator/Interpreter
1993 から 1995
Providing translation/interpreting services, managing international commercial projects from start to finish. Establishment and maintenance of long-term reliable relationship between business partners.
Lithuanian Sea Shipping Agency, Klaipeda 1987 (02) — 1992 (02) の Translator/Interpreter
1987 から 1992
Representing the interests of the Agency in international seaports processing and accompanying documentation, providing control and supervision of the receipt and shipment of cargo. Successfully contributed to the resolution of any disputes and conflict situations.


Creative CV of mine

  • 2020

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文書Creative CV of mine