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Lelde Blazevica

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
  • 英語(オーストラリア)
  • 英語(カナダ)
ラトビア語 母国語

法律 ビジネス 契約とレポート 企業の社会的責任 通信 文書および証明書類 教育


ラトビア語 母国語  — 英語
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)

ビジネス 契約とレポート 企業の社会的責任 通信 文書および証明書類 教育 飲食品


ラトビア, 09:05
6 年 7 月
I am a freelance Latvian-English-Latvian Translator, with Latvian as my native language. I currently have about 4 years of translation experience, and I mainly specialise in legal, marketing and website text translation. I work with MS Office, Trados (I own an SDL Trados 2019 licence and acquired the 'SDL Trados Studio 2019 for Translators - Getting Started' certification) and Memsource (agency supplied licence for their projects exclusively) on ...


Ekonomikas un kultūras augstskola / EKA University of Applied Sciences

  • 2019
  • ラトビア
  • Language Interpretation and Translation

University of Latvia

  • 2021
  • ラトビア
  • 修士号
  • Translation


Self-employed の Freelance English-Latvian-English Translator
2019 から 現在
Providing written translation, editing, proofreading, MT post-editing services to my clients (mostly translation agencies in Latvia). I specialise in legal and marketing texts, but occasionally take on food-related, tourism texts, very rarely - technical texts. My largest completed project as of today (19/02/2020) consisted of 26,000 words (Food Safety Standard).
Baltic Media Ltd. の Project Manager
2018 から 2019
Managing translation and interpreting projects, communication with clients (preparing offers etc.) and translators/interpreters, registering projects in the project management system, providing customer service by e-mail, phone and at the office, translating/editing/formatting documents. Achievements: the largest project that I was managing and that was approved by a client was for about 6000 EUR (interpreting services).
Iecavnieks & Co の Office Administrator
2014 から 2018
Managing company's records, EU-financed project management, interpretation and translation. Achievements: translated a portion of the company's website, submitted an application for an EU-fund financed project which got accepted (in the amount of about 100,000.00 EUR).


Professional Bachelor's Diploma from the EKA University of Applied Sciences

  • 2019

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文書Professional Bachelor's Diploma from the EKA University of Applied Sciences