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Piotr Derecki

322 ワード

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農業 年次報告 建築 自動車業界 銀行業務と投資 ビジネス 化学




Nauczycielskie Kolegium Jezyków Obcych, Toruńska Szkoła Zarządzania, West Georgia College

  • 1993
  • ポーランド
  • 学士
  • Teaching English as a foreign language


Intexim - Piotr Derecki, Business Consulting の Owner
2002 から 現在
I have been partnering with companies from USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and my role is to represent them in front of their Polish customers. It requires translation English - Polish, Polish - English in writing and verbally. Different fields, different linguistic specializations. Also I was involved as a translator in a few local construction projects which involved interaction with foreign investors. These projects lasted for a few years.
Lucent Technologies の New Product Introduction Buyer - independent position
1999 から 2002
I was responsible for the projects related to new products introduction into 4 European LT's factories - Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Spain. I was coordinating business and technical discussions between vendors and LT's individuals from respective factories. It required from me communication in English and Polish, translating tons of documents, conducting uncountable number of bilingual meetings. It also involved lots of travelling and participating in conferences worldwide.
Foreign Trade Office "Zanochem の Salesperson, project coordinator
1995 から 1999
Since it was my first job, at the I was learning international trade procedures and responsibilities in international business. I was interacting with companies from Austria as well as the customers in Poland


Reccomendation from a construction company

  • 2019

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文書Reccomendation from a construction company