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Piotr Wierzbicki

80千 ワード

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ポーランド語 母国語  — スウェーデン語

ウェブサイト 観光および旅行 製品とカタログ マーケティング、広告、PR マニュアル類 高級品 言語学


スウェーデン語  — ポーランド語 母国語

一般口座 ウェブサイト 製品とカタログ 法律 マーケティング、広告、PR 観光および旅行 レクリエーション


英語  — スウェーデン語

一般口座 ウェブサイト 製品とカタログ マーケティング、広告、PR 観光および旅行 通信 化粧品


ポーランド, Lecturer & Translator SV-PL | PL-SV | EN-SV | EN-PL, Project Manager, 07:22
6 年 7 月
Skilled and qualified language professional with a background in humanities and social sciences, experienced translating Swedish, English and Polish. Meeting intercultural communication challenges gives me the greatest fulfillment in life.

Trained in specialized, literary and audiovisual translation, I have proven track record of professionalism and integrity in managing language services, language lecturing and even dispute settlement for Scand...


University of Warsaw

  • ポーランド
  • Interdisciplinary European Studies (The Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw)

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • ポーランド
  • Scandinavian Studies, Swedish Philology (specialized in translation and interpreting)

University of Warsaw, Department of Polish Language

  • ポーランド
  • Cultural Studies, Institute of Polish Culture (IKP UW)

European Language Resource Coordination, European Commission Representation in Warsaw

  • ポーランド
  • "O nowych technologiach w tłumaczeniu" Salon Stowarzyszenia Tłumaczy Polskich

Współczesne tłumaczenia maszynowe i sieci neuronowe - warsztat postedytora

  • ポーランド
  • Localize.pl

Swedish Literary Translation Workshops, Jagiellonian University in Kraków

  • ポーランド
  • Warsztaty przekładu literackiego dla tłumaczy literatury szwedzkiej pod kierunkiem pisarza i tłumacza Zbigniewa Kruszyńskiego


B.P.O. International の Translation Project Manager (in-house marketing agency )
2018 から 現在
• preparing reference materials for external translators and reviewers (style guides with client-approved instructions, glossaries with industry-specific terminology) • responsible for texts printed in thousands of copies, such as product labels, manuals and package leaflets • ensuring timeliness of orders and compliance with guidelines, providing LQAs for translation excellence • training new employees and educating on language industry and particularities of translation services
SWPS University and Private Language Schools の Swedish Language Lecturer
2015 から 現在
• Teaching Swedish to individuals and groups of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, both in-class and online • Adjusting selected methodology to the students' learning style and abilities • Developing learning curriculum, conducting ongoing testing and monitoring students' progress, designing placement tests.• International Language Institute, SJ Eklektika, Merit School, private lessons.
Freelance の Translator
2014 から 現在
• Providing translations and revisions (incl. subtitling and transcription, localization, post-editing) • Specializing in marketing and advertising, legal texts and administration, health and beauty, humanities and social sciences • Language pairs: SV to PL, PL to SV, EN to PL, EN to SV • Working for both individual customers and legal entities (e.g. B.P.O. International, translation agencies such as Diuna Language Services, BBI Online, RED Dot Biuro Tłumaczeń i Szkoleń, DT Brandnova, and more).
Accenture Operations の Dispute and Collection Specialist (Credit Control Sweden)
2015 から 2018
• effectively communicated in Swedish and English on daily basis • settled disputes pertaining to financial situations and transactional issues (via e-mail and phone) • cooperated and built long-term relationships with major business and institutional clients as well as regional departments, such as sales, customs, and duties, finance, billing, customer service, operational, automotive and more • followed up with customers as well as internal Nordic and foreign departments all over the world.


Job Reference

  • 2016

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