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Sayeed Titi

6 576 ワード

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英語  — インドネシア語 母国語

マーケティング、広告、PR 科学と特許 芸術および文化 経済学 金融 一般口座 地理学


インドネシア語 母国語  — 英語

マーケティング、広告、PR 科学と特許 芸術および文化 経済学 一般口座 地理学 ITおよびテレコム


英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
  • 英語(オーストラリア)
インドネシア語 母国語


パキスタン, 23:08
28 年 6 月
An Indonesian-English bilingual localization expert and translator, my experience spans over 20 years from part time translator to full time. Having worked in multiple sectors both in Indonesia and Pakistan, my range of field is not only acquired through translation but also through practical experience at workplace and from day-to-day activities and therefore I have an equal understanding of the nuances of both languages. 


State University of Yogyakarta

  • 1992
  • インドネシア
  • English


Pixelogic Media の Subtittler and QCer
2020 から 現在
Subtitle and QC movies
Zoo Digital の Subtitler and QCer
2019 から 現在
Subtitle and QC movies
White Label Production, UK の Trusted subtitle translator, qcer, auditor
2018 から 現在
Translate subtitles for various movies, documentaries, reality shows for the largest streaming company based in the US.
Freelancer の Translator and Freelancer
2001 から 現在
Translate multiple documents ranging from IT/software, marketing, business, automotive, legal, construction etc. Subtitle documentaries for Newsline Pakistan. Language Instructor at the Indonesian Consulate Karachi, Pakistan. TV Host for Indonesian Consulate Karachi at Masala TV Pakistan. Participate in trade and cultural shows for Indonesian Consulate Karachi, Pakistan.
Mazars Consulting Pakistan の Senior Language and QA Consultant/Rep Officer
2012 から 2018
Led the localization of Micro finance, accounting and audit software for World Bank Indonesia. Led quality assurance of various software. Led translation of software documentations, including manuals, use cases, UAT scenarios, training materials and reports. Interpretation for meetings, training, workshops, interviews Project management. Business development. Oversaw Indonesian Representative office.
Indonesian Consulate の Language Instructor
2010 から 2012
Language Instructor Host TV Cooking shows Translation, Subtitling and Transcription of show material and dialogues
Transportacion Maritima Mexicana sa de cv の Customer Service Manager
1995 から 2001
A Mexican shipping company with service from Far East to US and Mexico and Central America. Oversaw customer service and transportation departments. Point of contact for agents worldwide.
Loms and Associates の Translator
1992 から 1995
Translation and interpretation
Jardine Shipping Agencies の Customer Service Representative
1992 から 1995
Agents for multiple shipping companies including Mexican/American, South African, Papua New Guinea shipping lines. Maintain booking and arrange shipment. Correspondence with agents worldwide. Prepare reports.