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Tram Tran

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英語  —
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ベトナム語 母国語

農業 芸術および文化 銀行業務と投資 生物学 バイオ ビジネス 化学


ベトナム, Ho Chi Minh, 21:08
10 年 7 月
Professional Translator with over 10 years of experience providing thorough and skillful service.


Ho Chi Minh City Open University

  • 2010
  • ベトナム
  • English Translation and Interpretation


PACTERA Company の Translator
2018 から 現在
Translate files in product name and product description for an E-business project
INJESTAR Company の Subtitle Translator
2018 から 現在
Translate and edit English subtitle for Japanese tourism shows into Vietnamese
Tiki の Partner Support Representative
2018 から 2019
Provide timely and accurate operational support to Seller on the Tiki platform via phone and/or email Address chronic system issues, provide process improvements, develop internal documentation, contribute to a team environment, all while adhering to service level agreements for phone and/or email cases.
WIKIHOW.COM の Translator
2015 から 2018
Translated and edited articles instructing how to do everything in daily lives
PROVESTIA Company の Translator cum Sales Admin
2015 から 2018
Translate and edit articles about health care, pregnancy, information about cosmetics, herbals, vitamins and supplements, etc Support oflce tasks (post products on E-commerce websites such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Adayroi, consult customers, process orders, customer care via phone and fanpages like Facebook, Instagram, contact suppliers and purchase products, etc) Write articles about skin care cosmetics, skin care routine, personal care, supplements, etc
Phu Nu Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper の Translator
2015 から 2016
Translated articles about women’s health care
OPTIMIST Company の Translator
2015 から 2016
Translated and edited articles about how to play with and how to teach kids, articles about benefits of playing and toys for kids
THAO LE Entertainment Company の Subtitle Translator
2014 から 2015
Translated and edited subtitle for shows, films broadcasted on Star World, Asian Food Channel, Davinci, Outdoor Channel, etc
THIEN MINH Group の Translator
2011 から 2015
Translated and edited documents about skin care, health care, nails care, weight loss, etc


Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language Certificate

  • 2014

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文書Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language Certificate