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Young Ji Hwang

630 ワード

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英語  —
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韓国, Seoul, 23:19
2 年 7 月
Born and raised in Korea. Attended the high school and the university in North America. 2 years of translation experience at Samsung Electronics and Harvard Business Review. I specialize in IT, technology, science, business, finance, economics, academic journal, and music.   I endeavor to precisely convey the meaninf of the targeted text to provide high-quality trnaslations to my customers within a given amount of time.


Oregon State University

  • 2015
  • アメリカ合衆国
  • 学士
  • Environmental Science (Minored in Business)


Samsung Electronics の Interpreter and translator
2019 から 現在
- I translate CEO speech and letter, official documents, in-house book, HR documents, R&D documents, and internal notices, and also simultaneously interpret events led by CEO and various meetings.
Harvard Business Review Korea の Freelance translator
2019 から 現在
I translate business megazines and online articles from English to Korean.
Universal Music Korea の Freelance translator
2018 から 2019
I translated interviews and profiles of musicians english to korean and vice versa
Evermint の Research Associate
2016 から 2016
I collected the targeted market data and made various diagrams to analze the data, using Excel, and wrote the parts of the report in Korean. Moreover, I translated the contents of the interview written from English to Korean
Oregon State University の Intern
2014 から 2015
- Analyzed qualitative and quantitative data on Countries at Risk project using Excel - Assessed copyright information on archival documents for OSU Library Achieve - Made Template for Case Study with the collected information for the country - Wrote a case study paper based on the collected data - Presented and explained the final poster to attendance at Americal Geophysical Union Conference