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Aigul Mussina

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英語  — カザフ語 母国語
  • 翻訳
    1.961 ワード

教育 文書および証明書類 製品とカタログ ソフトウェア 契約とレポート ゲーム産業 マニュアル類


カナダ, 20:43
2 年 6 月


The University of Edinburgh

  • 2011
  • イギリス連合王国
  • 修士号
  • Education

Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages

  • 2006
  • カザフスタン
  • 学士
  • International Relations/Translation


GlaxoSmithKline の Artwork Coordinator
2014 から 2016
- Cooperation with Regulatory team and Regional Service Centres in Italy, India and UK - Control on the artwork creation as MLCC in Agile system - Preparing/Archiving documentations in Russian & Kazakh - Translation/Proofreading of leaflets and general medical/healthcare related documents - Support CIS markets within Shared Pack project - Coaching LOCs in CIS region as per request - Liaison with the Manufacturing Sites in Poland, South Africa, UK and Canada - Regulatory Compliance Championship -
Neotech の Translator
2012 から 2014
- Translation of SAP interfaces (financial/accounting, logistics, marketing, customs, legal modules) from English to Kazakh. I was a member of SAP group in Kazakhstan - Translation & proofreading of technical, legal, oil-gas, medical (equipment/devices) projects from English to Kazakh/Russian - Review of test-translations and provision of feedback - Assistance in development of Style Guide and internal policy for staff Major projects: Adjip, NCOC, ExxonMobil, Conoco Philips, Omron
Janus Worldwide の Project Manager Assistant
2011 から 2011
- Management of projects, assignment of the tasks, liaison with customers and freelance translators, collection & recording details on on-going & completed jobs in corporate system - Maintain and manage electronic calendar - Review of test-translations & collation of data on potential future staff - Translation & proofreading technical, medical, legal text from English to Kazakh Major projects: Microsoft (Office 14/15), Panasonic, Sony, Philips, HP, LG
Palex の Translator
2009 から 2010
- Assistance in project management - Assignment of translation/proofreading projects - Maintain and manage electronic calendar - Liaison with Hub, customers and freelance translators - Assistance in development of Style Guide and internal policy for staff - Translation & editing user interface text, user manuals, technical, medical, financial and legal documentations from English to Kazakh and Russian - Assistance in organization and holding events Major projects: Microsoft (Office 14), Philip