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Catalin Oprea

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
ルーマニア語 母国語
  • ルーマニア語(ルーマニア)
  • ルーマニア語(モルドバ)
  • 翻訳
    8.333 ワード
  • 編集
    4.221 ワード

芸術および文化 建築 農業 会計 年次報告 自動車業界 生物学


ルーマニア, 19:32
10 年 7 月
Since 2010, I worked as freelance translator for Romanian translation agencies, and, more recently, for some foreign translation agencies all over the world. Since 2018, I also did some interpreting in Brasov Romania, for the Notary Public, Lawyer's office, Police Department, Town Hall, Medical Conference, etc.


Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

  • 2005
  • ルーマニア
  • Software Engineer, Major in “Computer Graphics and CAD systems”,

Faculty of Commerce, University ASE Bucharest

  • 2007
  • ルーマニア
  • 経営管理学修士(MBA)
  • Business Administration

Faculty of Theatre, UNATC University, Bucharest

  • 2013
  • ルーマニア
  • 学士
  • (Theater) Acting


Orfeu Theater Club, Mihai Viteazul Highschool, Bucharest の Acting coach for highschool students
2013 から 2015
After briefly working with small children for a few months, I took an even greater challenge in working with 20-30 teenagers, doing weekly actor training and producing 3 shows in the course of two years.
Corifeu NGO の Acting coach/director/producer in community theater
2010 から 2013
While going professional as an actor myself, I trained many other actors in the community theater, directed quite a few plays, coached personal development of adults through acting and social events, produced theater and poetry shows and events. My activity included actor coaching, adapting texts, choosing costumes, scenography, making musical/video/lighting arrangements, directing and sometimes acting myself.
VisionResearch SRL の Software developer
2005 から 2010
developer of the main GUI for the fast video cameras manufactured by the industry-leader Vision Research Inc, Wayne, NJ. I integrated all the old and new appearing features of the new camera models into a nice, modern, user-friendly graphical interface to be used from a standard PC, replacing and bettering the old interface, from the 1990s. I worked in fully understanding the devices, optics, data transfer, image processing, CPU optimization, client needs regarding the interface and work flow an
JLG Consulting SRL の Software engineer
2004 から 2005
I worked as a software developer, and handled the drawing and animation of an airport as part of a larger Air Trafic Control software, using advanced graphics, geometry and CPU optimizations


Samples of tech, medical, marketing, etc. (English-Romanian)

  • 2018

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文書Samples of tech, medical, marketing, etc. (English-Romanian)