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Pham Thi Duyen

99% 品質
100% 締切期限の遵守

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190千 ワード
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ベトナム語 母国語  — 英語

契約とレポート 通信 文書および証明書類 教育 フィクション ゲーム産業 マニュアル類


英語  —
  • 英語(英国)
ベトナム語 母国語
  • ブロックチェーンと暗号通貨 翻訳

ウェブサイト ソフトウェア フィクション 教育 文書および証明書類 契約とレポート マーケティング、広告、PR

レビュー · 19

  • Gustavo Ribone,  Responsive Translation Services
    編集英語 > ベトナム語

    21 5月'20

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    • お勧め
  • AH
    Anna Hirshfield,  VOLATIA
    翻訳英語 > ベトナム語

    1 5月'20

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    • お勧め
  • Gustavo Ribone,  Responsive Translation Services
    翻訳英語 > ベトナム語

    27 3月'20

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ベトナム, Hanoi, 14:28
12 年 7 月
I am a qualified Vietnamese Translator/Assistant with MBA Degree, specialization in Marketing. I have had more than 7 years experience in translation. My job involves translating all the documents from Vietnamese into English and vice versa in various fields, both technical and non-technical contents.   
I'm translator of the book: Science of Getting Rich: Decoded by Fabian Lim.
I also have various experience in translating Cryptocurrency and Bin...


Vietnam National University, Hanoi

  • 2012
  • ベトナム
  • 学士
  • Oriental Studies

University of Mysore

  • 2015
  • インド
  • 経営管理学修士(MBA)
  • Marketing


Mobile Apps and Games Development and Publishing Serbia (https://www.peaksel.com/) の Remoted translator
2013 から 現在
My job is to translate various apps & games such as: CARTOON CAMERA, CHRISTMAS PHOTO FRAMES, FUNNY RINGTONES, Monkey King Banana games, Photo Editor, Catch the Chicken, My Talking Lady Dog,...
SunFrogShirts (https://www.sunfrog.com/) の Virtual Assistant and Translator
2013 から 現在
My tasks include: - Follow the following Facebook pages: + https://www.facebook.com/groups/sunfrogfreetips/ + https://www.facebook.com/groups/750888361594576/ + https://www.facebook.com/groups/sunfrogshirtsvn/ - Report every technical problem from Vietnamese members. - Reply member’s comment and message - Support Marketing program toward Vietnamese members Translate the message from Customer Service (both Vietnamese-English and vice versa
Various projects の Translator
2012 から 現在
I'm also translator of websites: - http://www.microbenefits.com/ - StarOfService.vn (English version: starofservice.com) - classdojo.com/vi-vn/?redirect=true (English version: classdojo.com) - vi.pdf24.org (English version: en.pdf24.org) - http://www.tsplus.net/southeast-asia/vietnamese/ (English version: http://www.tsplus.net/southeast-asia/english/) - ltl-tiengtrung.vn (English version: http://www.livethelanguage.cn/) - http://www.tsplus.net/southeast-asia/vietnamese/aboutus.php
Medical and Healthcare の Translation experience
2011 から 2019
I have had various experience in translating US medical and Healthcare documents such as: - The contents of the website www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) is part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). - Various documents about Obamacare system - Several documents for Community Health Choice and Health Insurance Marketplace
I'm translator of the book: Science of Getting Rich: Decoded by Fabian Lim の Translator
2016 から 2016
I directly worked with the author, Fabian Lim, and translated his book named "Science of Getting Rich: Decoded" & it's already published (https://www.vinabook.com/giai-ma-khoa-hoc-lam-giau-p71774.html)
Light In The Box Co., Ltd の Remoted staff
2015 から 2015
• Assistant in Content Division • Proofreading other’s translation • Translating website contents for a Chinese company, Light In The Box Ltd, with 2 websites: - http://www.miniinthebox.com/ - http://www.lightinthebox.com/ It's big and ongoing project with some million words, My job involves translating various technical and non- technical contents from 2 above websites: category name, guideline, policy, SEO content, newsletter, customer email, product description,...


Book Translation (The Science of Getting Rich: Decoded)

  • 2016

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文書Book Translation (The Science of Getting Rich: Decoded)