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Sabariah M.Salleh

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マレーシア, Shah Alam, 02:09
15 年 7 月
Freelance Writer, Translator, Editor, Proofreader with over 14 years experiences in Article Writing, translating, editing, copy writing, typesetting, transcreation and solid cohesion with manuscript writer, internal editor, and project manager to maintain publication style. Online and Offline. Possess ACCA Level 2 and Bachelor of Law with freestyle writing to suit all requirement.

My backgrounds are Accounting and Law but I have been taking the ...


Universiti Teknolgi Mara, Malaysia

  • 1998
  • マレーシア
  • 学士
  • Law


A2A Capital Services Berhad の Senior Associates
2012 から 2014
Team leader to a group of Consultant. Recruitment and training. Promoted and managed a total of USD25 million account for the team. Managing event for the sales presentation. Report writing and presentation weekly and monthly. Conducting additional research on the property to be offered to clients for investment. Assisting team members in approaching, presenting, closing, documentation, and services. Conduct lead generating activities for the consultants. Overseeing Legal Documents
Walton International Property Sdn Bhd の Team Manager, Land Development Executive
2004 から 2012
Promoted and managed a total of USD5 million account and served as an account team leader. Led a team of 5-6 sales consultants. Represented the company to meet clients for opening a new investment account, reinvestment, proposing new investment opportunity, clients services, reactivated dormant client relations, deepened and broaden long term relationship. Conduct event and Sales Presentation (in-house and hotel events. Overseeing Legal Document to be presented to the client for completion.


LQA Medical

  • 2019

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文書LQA Medical

Bachelor of Law

  • 1998

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文書Bachelor of Law