Language, translation, interperting, copywriting and voiceover teachers

Language, translation, interperting, copywriting and voiceover teachers

Posted: Mar 05, 2017 08:57 Expiration: Dec 30, 2017 07:00
Hello All,

Good morning. Our miniature international education platform will start within 2 weeks. The larger website, app mobiles, wap sites etc. still take months to come out.

Language, translation, interpreting, copywriting and voiceover teachers in different languages with rich working or project experiences are highly valued.

Candidates must use a popular Chinese social network software called WECHAT because our miniature platform is under our WECHAT public account which will have an English interface. It seems that English version of WECHAT can be downloaded in many countries. What is more, candidates should be able to scan our QUICK RESPONSE CODE (QR CODE) to follow us and log into our miniature platform. We will provide training on how to use.

At this stage we ask each teacher to offer 5-min live broadcasting course which can be realized on your own side by using your mobile or computer camera at your own home or in a certain unique environment, like a park, a shopping mall....
This miniature platform is not well equipped and fully developed due to many limitations where students can see teachers, teachers cannot see students, and both sides cannot interact. Such problem will be totally solved in our bigger platform.

Course contents on this miniature platform are not required to be systematic, just one or two knowledge points are okay. For example, if you are a French native, today I would like to teach students how to use French for shopping....

We do not need theoretical teaching such as Moocs, but all teachers (excluding language teachers) we need should be professionals with practical experiences.

For courses of different languages,
- language teaching
- translation and interpreting of various subjects
- language of certain subjects, for example, new French, medical German, legal English

For course of voiceover,
- dubbing
- subtitling

In fact, our platform now and in future is related to art design teaching as our top priority, and language courses are only a small part, surely we also need other professions, including but not limited to MBA, management, human resource, law, accounting.....You are welcome to forward this job offer to people around you.

No matter what kind of language you are native in, English is always a must for easy communication.

Anyone interested is requested to send your personal resume with teaching certificate (if any) to the email below:


Thanks for your time.



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